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13 January 2008 @ 10:28 pm
GH is boring without my babies (otherwise known as Cooper and Maxie). :( Skye is gone, and the idiots in charge completely wasted a talent like Robin Christopher, meanwhile we've got Night Shift dayplayers getting more screen time than Robin has gotten in months. But I'm happy that she decided she wanted to leave - good for her! I wish her all the best and I expect to see her on another show soon. Kiss it, GH!

Now, the Golden Globes. Sometimes I think, "Why do I even care?" But somehow I do. I think about the deserving people - actors, directors, and the like - who won't be able to get up on stage and accept their awards. I know, I know - Hollywood. The rich and famous - BOO HOO! But then I remember that these are real people, this is their job, and like anyone who produces great work, that work should be recognized and people should get their shining moment. Plus, I'm just really, really bummed out that I was robbed of getting to see Daniel Day-Lewis accept his award for Best Actor and make his speech. *sniff*

Speaking of award shows (and shining moments), the Daytime Emmy's are in June and I'm crossing my fingers (and toes and legs and...heh) that this damn writer's strike is over and done with A.S.A.P because I want to see Kirsten Storms finally get her big, shining moment. She owned GH in 2007 and I'm officially making my bold (or not-so-bold?) prediction that she will take the Emmy home for Oustanding Younger Actress. She just has to.